The last quarter of 2016 has seen things move forward. I have finally started to put this site together (well, that’s an exageration. Hannah has coped with much “I don’t know how to…” from me and is dragging my digital ineptitude into the 21st century. This doesn’t prevent my mind from going numb when she takes me through a process yet again. Thank you, Hannah.

Hannah and Chris’s letterpress studio, The Smallprint Company, in Derby, provided me with exhibition space for a solo show. It is a good, small space, ideal for my work and, with the inclusion of a couple of ‘meet the artist’ sessions, was a great success. Thank you Hannah and Chris.

I also have work in two Printmakers Council exhibitions: ‘Pushing Boundaries’ is on at the moment in the Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin. This is an Irish Government space in an important cultural and diplomatic country house. As it is government run accessing payment for work sold is extended and wordy. It moves on to an Arts Centre in Ireland shortly.

The second show, ‘Loosely Bound’, has been at the Hamstead Literary and Technical Institute in London and has now moved to The Print Room in Suffolk. I also had a piece of work accepted for the Printmakers Council Archive in Scarborough Museum and Art Gallery.

Exhibition opportunities for 2017 are on the horizon and if I can finally get my head round the  intricacies of the digital world this site will be finalised before this time next year.

Oh yes, I am still slowly cutting  blocks – the ideas come more quickly than they can be realised.